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On the occasion of my 12th birthday, my father gave me a very good book. It’s called Soul Seeds.

This is a very famous book series and is published nationwide. The book is about valuable life lessons for everyone. The book is also a source of inspiration for those who are facing difficulties.

I felt the strong will of each character. A quote that I really love in that book is that life always contains pain that we cannot predict. Thanks to this book, I feel more mature.

Moreover, it also helps me be more confident. I am very grateful to my father for giving me this meaningful book.


I enjoy comic books, that provide me with a lot of helpful knowledge. One of them is Doraemon Story, a collection of humorous short stories featuring the two pals Doremon and Nobita as the primary characters. Comic generates so many hilarious situations between the characters. The book is genuinely difficult to put down. It draws people like me in addition to kids.
I also want to highlight the importance of having a creative imagination. I’m trying to say that kids need to have an inventive attitude because it makes them more active in life. Generally speaking, the comic book is worthwhile to read after a long day.


I have loved reading books and stories since I was in 2nd grade. My books and stories have piled up on the bookshelf over the years. There are books I have given or given away, but there are books I always want to keep. One of them is “Hachiko the Waiting Dog”.
The first time I read this book I was very moved and impressed. The book tells about the life and affection and loyalty of the dog Hachiko for his owner. The dog’s loyalty makes Hachiko a symbol of loyalty in Japan, becoming the most famous dog in the world. Each story of Hachiko makes my heart move, tears still cannot be held back every time I read the book.


For the fans of the detective genre, the famous Detective Conan is the series that we should not miss. It has already attracted millions of readers from all over the world. The author of it is Aoyama Gosho – a genius in creating characters and building plots. The main storyline is about a junior detective Shinichi Kudo.
Each book contains some different cases, and readers cannot figure everything out until they read to the end. Aoyama is such a great mind, and his books still attract a lot of readers even though the series has lasted for about 20 years. The famous Detective Conan is one of the best series of the detective 
category, and it is a pity of we miss it.


My favorite book is probably the encyclopedia. That book was bought by my father when I was a child. that book told me there were many new omens in the outside world. it told me about the ocean, about the earth, about the extinct dinosaurs,… that encyclopedia was so amazing.
It has added to my life a lot of novelties that up to now maybe i have forgotten or never known. The book had colorful illustrations, large clear letters, and contained a herd of heaven and a blue world. told me everything that I had never heard and known. I love exploration and curiosity, so I thought this encyclopedia would be perfect for me.


In my life, I have read many books. To my view, Harry Potter is one of the most interesting books not only for children but also for adult. There are three main reasons: attractive, imaginative, and educative.
J.K.Rowling wrote an imaginative story. Through the story, you will find the warming love between Harry Potter and his parents, the honest friendship of Harry Potter, Ron, and Hermione. There are remain many respectable other relationships. It makes US understand that we have to more respect and more love our surrounding relatives.


On the occasion of my birthday, my mother gave me the ‘Uncle Tom’s Tent’, one of the classic novels that I particularly enjoy. The story is about the life of a black man named Tom. He is such an honest, downright and kind-hearted man.
In the end, he was beaten to death in the South American cotton fields. In addition, the work also condemns the inhuman slavery, demand equal rights for black people. Reading the story, I am very emotive and sympathetic to the misfortune of not only Uncle Tom but all the blacks. This is a great and meaningful novel. I have introduced to some classmates and they all love it.


Doraemon is a super famous comic book series that most children in all over the world know. The story of the books is about a robot cat from the future. Doraemon has a small pocket on his belly which is a magic pocket that can contain countless things. He stores all of his gadgets from the future in that belly, and helps Nobita to overcome the difficulties in his life.
Besides Nobita and Doraemon, the characters of the books also have other friends of Nobita such as Shizuka, Takeshi, Suneo, Doremi, Dekisugi and others. The comic is not only for entertainment, but also for teaching many valuable lessons about life. After reading it, we can know how to cherish friendship protect the environment, and try to stay away from bad things. Doraemon is my favorite book.


One of my favorite books is “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho. This book is a beautifully written tale about a shepherd boy named Santiago who embarks on a journey to find his personal legend.
The book is full of inspiring quotes and lessons, such as “when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”
I love how this book encourages readers to listen to their hearts and follow their passions, even if it means leaving behind the familiar and taking a leap of faith. Overall, “The Alchemist” is a book that has touched my heart and inspired me to live life with purpose and passion.

BÀI 10

The book named “Blue Eyes” written by writer Nguyen Nhat Anh is a meaningful Vietnamese book that I like. It was first published in 2004. The book is about a childish love story between Ngan and Ha Lan.
When Ngan and Ha Lan were young, they had a beautiful and innocent love. However, when they grow up, everything has changed.
Nguyen Nhat Anh has brought readers through indescribable emotions, bringing us a profound truth that “There are two things in this world that cannot be missed which are the last bus and the one who truly loves us.”

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