Top 10 tiếng Anh thuyết trình chủ đề về Mẹ hay nhất cho con luyện nói

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Bài 1

Her mother is thirty-seven years old and is a lawyer for the Hanoi bar association. Mother has a tall and slender figure, round black eyes, and short hair. Mother is gentle, gentle but very strict. Mom works a lot but is always dedicated, meticulous, and attentive to everything, so everyone loves her. When the city lights up, my mother comes home. Although very tired, she still cooks, cleans the house, and guides me to review. I love her very much, so I always try to study hard and be obedient so that she will always be happy.

Bài 2

Mom is the person who loves me the most. This year, my mother is thirty-six years old. Mom is not very tall. Slim figure. The hair is still very thick and soft. Mother’s skin is white and pink. My mother is a cook. So my mother is very good at cooking. Mother’s cooking is delicious. For me, my mother is a wonderful woman.

Bài 3

My mother is thirty-five years old. Mom has a slim figure. Her hair is short and smooth as silk. Mother’s face is so gentle, her eyes always look at me lovingly. My mother is a computer science teacher. Mom loves me very much, and always takes care of me from every meal to sleep. Every time I encountered a difficult problem, my mother explained it to me very meticulously. I respect and love my mother very much. I will try hard to study well to please my mother.

Bài 4

I always believe that we are born of love and love is our mother. Describe my mother, she is the best woman in my life. Despite being a chaste woman, she is still gorgeous with her red hair and light skin. She also has a small tattoo on her left arm. In addition, my mom is a friendly and chatty person, which means she is fond of talking with me as well as her friends every day. Maybe that’s why she is popular and has a lot of good friends.

Bài 5

The person I love the most is my mother. My mother is not very tall. My mother’s round face looks very gentle and kind. Her hair is chestnut brown. My mother loves us very much. Every day, my mother works hard to earn money to support my sisters. Mom takes care of us very well, takes care of us every meal, and sleeps. My mother is a strict person, but thanks to that, our sisters are very understanding. I will try my best to study hard in order not to betray my mother’s nurturing grace. I love my mother so much.

Bài 6

My mom is definitely a humorous person who always wants to make us smile whenever we don’t. When I was young, she usually hugged us and told us bedtime stories. Until now, I still feel that my mother’s arms are more comforting than anyone else’s. I love my mother’s short blonde hair and her curved lips. She is also a compassionate person that taught me that I should help people if I can. Besides being a funny woman, my mom is romantic too.

Bài 7

The one I love most is my mother. She is tall and rather thin. She is a warm kindly person with an oval face and a long-silky hair. My mother loves us very much. She is used to staying up late and getting up early to earn money and take care of us. She is strict thanks to that we are educated into good people. I will try to study well to satisfy my mother’s faith.

Bài 8

To describe my mother would be to write about a hurricane in its perfect power. She is now 50 years old and, honestly, my mom is a bad- tempered person. However, I know that she loves US so much and always worries about her children. My mom looks slender and presentable, she is now a marketing director of a small company. I find every wrinkle on her face beautiful and attractive because that is proof of her hard-working and intelligence. Furthermore, my mother is an altruistic person who easily gets angry but then will forgive us quickly.

Bài 9

My mother is one of the best people in my life. Nothing in the world can compare with the true love of my mother. She is both my mother and my best friend. My mother always takes care of me from meals to slumbers. Moreover, she is the first person to show her face my mind whenever I have difficulties. She is full of useful hints for me to solve everything. I often want to say ‘I love you, mom’. For me, my mother is the most perfect woman in my life.

Bài 10

My mother is definitely one of the best people in my life. She is now in her late 40s but she is still charming and beautiful. I always love her tanned skin and her long brown hair. Me and my dad, my mother is the heartbeat in my home. This is because she is a caring and sensible person who always takes care of our family and understands me. In addition, my mother is also clever and hard-working. Honestly, I really want to grow old and be like my mom.

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